Being Prepared for 100 Years  LbNA # 56908

OwnerBrown Eyed Girl    
Placed DateJan 15 2011
Location????, Lafayette, CO
Found By The Wilson Boys
Last Found Mar 29 2013
Hike Distance?

Being Prepared for 100 Years

Being Prepared for 100 Years

By Miner, Life Scout and Brown Eyed Girl

2010 marked 100 years of Boy Scouting.
In wanting to commemorate this event we created this special stamp and put it in a unique place.
Please not only be discreet, but also quiet.

Words abound
Poetry flows
Itís in Lafayette
Where you want to go.

Faces of tile
Miners and founders
Then itís up the stairs
To an all knowing counter.

Here you must ask
With a smile and with glee
For this very special Letter_?___
Waiting for thee.