Maymont Graces  LbNA # 56911

Placed DateJan 23 2011
CountyRichmond city
LocationMaymont, Richmond, VA
Found By Magical Music Man
Last Found Aug 3 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 1 2015

****ATTN: Because my boxes were repeatedly left in the open, left uncovered, etc, a few of them turned up missing. I am going to try to replace them. I'll let you know.

*** The boxes are planted. 1/23/11

Greetings Boxers,

I have placed the "Graces" series of boxes inside Maymont Park, which is in Richmond. Now, this is a very popular park and is heavily populated by John Q. Therefore, I need to seriously request that you use discretion when retrieving and replacing the boxes. Please wait till you are alone. Also, please replace stones, sticks, leaves, etc, when covering the boxes so they cannot be seen. Please be sure the covers are tight also, so our wet weather won't get inside and ruin the boxes. I have had problems with groundskeepers and loose covers in the past. Thank you.

In this series I have included a "SECRET" box. The clues to find this box are taped to the covers of the five boxes for which you have clues. So you will need to have a pad of paper with you and a pen to write down the clues. When you have all five, you will be directed to the "SECRET" box.

This series should be done in order. Also, some of the boxes require an adult to retrieve the box. Kids might not be able to do the climbing, swimming, etc. Safety first is my motto.

OK, I guess that's it. I hope my clues are adequate and you are successful.

Let's be careful out there, Boxers!


*** Park in the lot on Hampton St near the mansion and enter the park through the stone and iron gate. Pass the herb garden.

*** Take a left between the stone barn and the fountain and bear right on the path through the bushes to the Italian gardens.

*** Enjoy the acoustics in the rotunda, where they have weddings, and then mosey on down the length of Mrs. Dooley's arbor to the end.

*** At the end, follow a compass reading of 260 degrees which will bring you to a gazeebo on a hill. Go there. Follow the reading of 260 to a stone path down by the bamboo.

*** Walk that path a short ways and then take the walkway down to the left into the secret quarray. At the botton of the quarray, after 3 small steps, take a compass reading of 10 degrees. Box #1 and clue #1 are on the wall on that heading under stones and leaves. It takes some climbing and is well hidden. Please be cool and alone when you get it and put it back. Great job! Don't forget to write down the SECRET CLUE!!!!

*** Back to the path and down through the bamboo to the bottom.

*** Follow the roped path EAST. Pass the wooden bridge and continue past the stone bridge. Stop at the grotto.

*** At the fleur-de-lis, face the grotto and find the sleeping guardian. Box #2 and secret clue #2 are behind that lazy rascal. Lot of people down here, be discreet. Way to go, you're doin' great!

*** Back to the fleur-de-lis and down the path at 155 degrees.

*** Go to the tree on your left with the squirrel in it. It is near a bush. (Just kidding - get it clue writers?)

*** Continue on that path to the other side of the pond close to the canal. There you need to find the fake boulder. It's trying to fool you, but you can find it.

*** OK, now go to the next REAL boulder that is covering box#3 and clue#3. Look around, you'll find it. Bravo!! You sure are good at this!

*** Let's continue along the lake in the direction you were going. Pass the water hut thing and keep going straight till you get to pavement.

*** You will meet the macadam at a wooden shed. Box and Clue #4 are behind the shed. Just look around. Excellent!!

*** Back to the pavement and right into the Japanese gardens again. Travel to the stone bridge the same way you did before, and then it's left and up. All the way up.

*** Keep going. Get your heart pumpin'. Its good for you.

*** OK, good job. At the lion's head take a right. Stay away from those steps, go around them to the right and along the ramparts. Take your first right down to Sallie Dooley's secret pool. Look right.

*** Box #5 and Clue #5 are under the stone corner. Keep that box out of sight, Boxer, and be careful. Right on!!! You did it!

Now you have the five clues that will lead you the SECRET BOX. I hope you remembered to write them down. Once you figure out the first part, the rest should fall into place. Leave me some comments as to how you liked the series and any complaints you may have. I really want to know. I tried to make sure the clues were clear but you never know. Just let me know.

Happy Boxing,