Las Memorias  LbNA # 56913

Placed DateJan 16 2011
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLos Angeles, Lincoln Heights, CA
Planted ByMarish    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Jan 19 2011
Hike Distance?

Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

If our 16th President were to take his four-legged friend on a stroll, this would be the perfect place.

Look for Las Memorias adjacent to Mission Street and across from a donut shop and laundromat. There is a play area nearby. There are 8 memorial walls. Look for the one with the gray haired lady holding a basket of apples. On the back of the mural at the bottom, there is an opening. The box is closest to the left cement block that holds the mural up. About 8 inches up inside the mural is the box. It's held up with Velcro, so the best way to dislodge it is to turn and then pull down. You'll find a BRIGHT pink box with everything inside. Our 5 year old daughter picked out the box and the stamp... she said it reminded her of our dog.

There is a bench close by for you to be able to conduct business. Watch out for security at the building known as Plaza de la Raza. They patrol the grounds from time to time.

Thanks, and enjoy our box!!!