Family of Six  LbNA # 56928

OwnerFamily of 6    
Placed DateJan 8 2011
LocationBrooker Creek Preserve, Tarpon Springs, FL
Found By flowers22
Last Found Oct 6 2013
Hike Distance?

Nestled on the northernmost border of Pinellas County, FL is a hidden natural jewel, called Brooker Creek Preserve. From U.S. 19, drive 5 miles East on Keystone Rd. The park is on the right.
Follow the rabbit, tortoise, snake, and deer signs toward the parking. Drive carefully, as it is not uncommon to see these creatures wandering along the roadside. Continue until you have reached the main parking lot. From the lot, follow the boardwalk toward the educational center. Enjoy the scenery, wildlife and flowing sculptures that adorn the entrance.
Stopping by the Educational Center is an absolute must. The entrance features a large glass paneled wall that is artistically embedded with natural artifacts that have been found in the park. Mixing education and play, the learning center is a hands-on, please touch delight for kids of any age. It includes the opportunity to crawl through a Gopher Tortoise burrow, watch an interactive movie, see what bugs are crawling under your feet, and learn about the environment.
Take the educational trail. You’ll know you’re on the right track if you spot the bush hat and binoculars that mark its entrance. Grab a map. Look for the first of two bandannas as you travel. By reading the plaque, you will be able to find the second bandanna. You are getting there. From the second bandanna, you will not have far to go, before you must decide where to go. Will you go into the wilderness? Continue on the Ed Center trail, or start along the Flatwoods trail? We recommend the Flatwoods. Continue walking until you’ve found the spot where lightning is striking. A short path leads to the right and the safety of a covered shelter, which coincidentally makes a nice little spot to picnic. As you approach the shelter, carefully check under the steps on the left side. Make sure nobody is watching you.
The family of six has been here, and left you a rather large stamp, since we’re a rather large family. Learn what being a family is all about when you stamp your book. Be sure to tell us a little something about you, when you stamp ours.
Be sure to carefully re-seal the letterbox and hide it out of site. We don’t want any park rangers taking away our fun. You can choose to continue on the path, which will lead back out to the parking lot, or strike out on a path of your own… we told you to grab a map. Enjoy your time!