Luke's 11th  LbNA # 56946

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Placed DateJan 30 2011
Locationdodson/warrendale, Oregon, OR
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Luke’s 11th

To find Luke’s 11th park at the small parking lot .2 miles west of Oneonta Gorge. Cross the road and head up the trail.
At the junction of Gorge trail 400, go west across a small easily crossed creek. Take 20 paces and look up to see a “castle wall”, even a seasonal waterfall way up above if you’re here at the right time year.
Look for the two trees holding back a mossy boulder on the left side of the trail.
You will find Luke’s Birthday letterbox behind the mossy boulder.
While your out here you can make a nice 2.7 mile loop hike that includes a bridge over upper Oneonta gorge and two waterfalls. One of which is a walk behind (Ponytail falls). This loop requires about a .5 return on scenic highway to your car. Consult a guide book for all the details.