Ancient Art #6  LbNA # 56948

OwnerStorm Crow    
Placed DateJan 29 2011
LocationAlderdale, WA
Found By GreenJeans
Last Found Sep 8 2013
Hike Distance?

Find CROW BUTTE State Park. From State Hiway 14 turn north into the park. The access road turns south and goes under the highway. The sign for the park is a bit hard to see so keep a map handy. After you enter the park head to the boat launch area and park closest to the access road as you can because you are going to walk back up to where you just turned down to park. Across the road is a gate with a sign for "Authorized Vehicles Only". Head up this gravel road. It starts off gentle enough but then steepens. When it levels out and the gravel road transitions into a jeep track you have gone just a bit too far. There are also two concrete squares to the right. Turn around and head down a bit until you see the only boulders around uphill (now on you right). On the back side of the largest one under a rock is you prize.

Please re-hide the box carefully.

You can continue from here up the road to the top for nice views of the river etc.