13 Hours **UPDATE 2.21.11**  LbNA # 56958

OwnerFire Neck    
Placed DateJan 20 2011
LocationMalpass Library, Macomb, IL
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Jul 24 2011
Hike Distance?

On December 191, 2010 I spent 13 straight hours in the library working on a project about visitor impacts at Argyle Lake State Park. You can check the hours at: http://www.wiu.edu/libraries/info/hours/

The Clues

This box is located on the Western Illinois University campus inside Malpass Library on N. Western Ave. I would recommend this box be searched for in the early morning or noon time as the library will be less crowded.To find it answer these questions and fill and the blanks below. Any questions/problems feel free to contact me.

1. How many miles of foot trails does Argyle Lake State Park have?

2. Who plays Pam Halpert?
(initials only)

3. What Jazz music was sometimes referred to as "Trane"?
(initials only)

4. A. Philip Randolph, Fannie Lou Hamer, Robert F. Williams, C. T. Vivian were involved with the...

Head to the _#1_ floor. The library has specifically designated a doorway for letterboxers on this floor. Go through the HM-LetterBox doorway. Immediately turn right. Walk this way until an arrow tells you differently. Follow the arrow. Walk between ___#2____ & ___#3___. On the bottom shelf under the _____#4______ books your prize awaits you! There are plenty of open tables near this box, stamp in there and return the box safely. Please use stealth, there are a lot of muggles!

A few warnings... The library staff do not know about this box, so please do not ask anyone about it. The library will be very crowded for the month of December and the first half of May as these are times finals are held (so crowded it might not even be worth it). The magnets make a LOT of noise do your best to minimize it.

Parking at WIU
If you never plan on registering your vehicle at WIU you can park anywhere. You might receive a ticket, however you do not have to pay for it unless you plan on registering your car for parking at WIU in the future. I can understand if you have hesitation about that. There are meters in almost all parking lots on campus (25 cents per hour, one hour at a time). You can park on Holden Terrace for completely legal and free parking. It will require more walking, but you can rest assured your car will not get ticketed while letterboxing.