Weezie  LbNA # 56959

OwnerFire Neck    
Placed DateJan 14 2011
LocationStickers Pond, Madison, WI
Found By bestdav5
Last Found Sep 17 2013
Hike Distance?

I planted this box in honor of my grandma, Weezie, she fostered my love for nature and exploring at a very young age. She took me camping for the first time, we camped on the sand dunes of Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana. Throughout my childhood she would take my on different nature hikes and exploration. Without her treks outdoors at a young age I do not believe I would the adventurous person I am today. This box is a thank you to her for exposing me to the out of doors. She recently moved from the suburbs of Chicago to Madison. She takes a walk on this trail every morning. If you are out early enough you may see her!

The Clues
Park on Longmedow Road near the Strickers Pond sign. Continue on the bike path. Take a left at the wooden fence. Contiune down the trail. You will pass a small Christmas tree on your right a few more steps down the trail you will pass a smaller tree on your left (these were decorated for 2010 Christmas -- I hope the tradition continues). Stop at the wooden gate. Walk to the small boulders, then continue on to the lager one that startles the rusty barbwire fence (heads up!). The box is down a hollow out limb of a tree. Please stamp in rehide!