New Glarus Bakery  LbNA # 56960

OwnerFire Neck    
Placed DateJan 13 2011
LocationNew Glarus Bakery, New Glarus, WI
Found By Kay
Last Found Jan 24 2015
Hike Distance?

The New Glarus Bakery is a wonderful place to purchase a fresh loaf of bread, sweets or cup of coffee. Check out their hours:

The Clues
This box is planted in an area with high concentration of muggles, thus the clues are straight forward. Walk down the alley just left of the bakery. Go to the back steps of the bakery. Kneel on the first step. Put your had between the steps and garbage can. Your loaf of bread is under the second step. Please use extra stealth while retriving this box. The owners of the bakery do not know it exists. Please stamp in on the street or in your car. If you are boxing with a large group play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide what person gets to retrieve it. Please rehide the box out of sight.