Courtney's Valentine Letterbox  LbNA # 56991

Placed DateFeb 14 2011
LocationTyro, Nelson County, VA
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Hike Distance?

Start: Intersection of 56 and 151. Continue on 56 west for exactly 7 miles (1.3 miles past flippin seamans apple packaging center). Keep eyes peeled for “Watch for Fallen Rocks” sign. The trail is on your right, park on the left, in the Appalachian trail parking lot, and walk across the street and down the path towards the swinging bridge.

Before we begin you should Tye your shoes,
Maybe this will prepare you for your cruise.
Get ready for this is a hike,
This is something you will like.

First you must cross the swinging bridge,
Then continue up the winding ridge.
Don't worry you wont get lost,
The trail is marked with white gloss.

On your right a sign will come,
The man on it was not a bum.
Don't get weary, walk along
You could even sing a song ;) ;)

Soon you will come upon a three logged stair,
This means you are a third of the way there.
From here the trail gets curvy,
so try not to get very nervy.

As i keep telling this tale,
Continue walking on the trail.
Watch your step when the trail gets bumpy,
MANY roots make it very lumpy.

STOP HERE and look straight ahead,
Find a triple home for a squirrel’s bed.
A three-trunked tree that is marked in white,
It is there you can end this plight.

A DETOUR is now required,
You’ve almost completed what you aspired.
From here walk 15 paces to your right,
Some branches you may have to fight.

Under the rocks your valentine is hidden,
For all of these instructions i am not kiddin’.
Take the gift but the box must stay,
In your honor, others will seek this treasure one day!