The Beautiful Butterfly Letterbox  LbNA # 56996

Placed DateFeb 13 2011
LocationWhite Rabbit Trail, Ashland, OR
Found By Annie M
Last Found Apr 18 2013
Hike Distance?

Go up the White Rabbit Trail from the top of Park Street. Pass the 2nd Looking Glass Trail jct. Look for a small trail off to the left shortly after that. The trail leads to a wooden bench. Behind the bench are two large granite boulders. The box is under some granite rocks that are wedged between the boulders. On the left side of the rocks there is an opening covered by a piece of bark. The box is behind the bark. (The distance from park street to the letterbox is aprox. 1.5 miles and it climbs several hundred feet). You can also hike over from the trailhead on the Ashland Loop Road ( about 1 mile). We checked the box on 9/20/14 :)