Thanks A Latte!  LbNA # 57010

OwnerSweet 'n' Spicy    
Placed DateFeb 17 2011
LocationBrenham, TX
Found By GS Troop 16027
Last Found Jun 20 2015
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A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. In italian latte means milk. Until recently, ordering a 'latte' in Italy got you a puzzled look and a hot glass of milk. The American-style caffè latte did not exist in Italian caffès, except perhaps in a few places dominated by American tourists. Obviously breakfast drinks of this kind have existed in Europe for generations, but the caffè version of this drink is an American invention. Caffe Mediterraneum, a landmark café in Berkeley, California, claims to be the birthplace of the caffè latte, crediting its birth to one of the café's owners, Lino Meiorin in the late 1950s. According to a sign that is proudly displayed in the café, Lino was the first Italian-trained barista in the San Francisco Bay Area, and his Italian-style cappuccinos were apparently too strong for the customers. In response to his customers, he decided to add a larger, milkier cappuccino to the menu, and he called this drink the "caffè latte".

This letterbox is located in Brenham at the Mobius Coffeehouse (1120 S. Market St.) you will recognize the location by the large red coffee cup on the top of the building. You will have to search during business hours. I believe they are closed on Sundays and open by 7:00 A.M. Monday-Saturday. Go inside and look for the womens restroom which is in a side room from where they take the orders. (THE LETTERBOX IS NOT IN THE BATHROOM!!!) If your back is to the restroom, there is an A/C closet door directly across from the bathroom. This is where you will find the letterbox. It is on the left side, down at the bottom, in a small cubby hole. Depending upon the lighting you may have to feel for the plastic container if you can't see it directly. If there are many customers you may have to be stealthy!!