Chasing Cars Letterbox  LbNA # 57022 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerStar No Star    
Placed DateFeb 17 2011
LocationParadise Beach, Indialantic, FL
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Difficulty: Easy
Stamp: Hand Carved
At the Howard E. Futch Memorial Park “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”. Enter this parking lot and make the “right” decision to park close to the entrance. “I walk a lonely road” heading south on the sidewalk passing the bathroom and showers. “This is how you remind me” to take a left when I see a bush and an “everything zen” rock.
If you are starting to get the “feeling that it’s all a lot of oysters, but no pearls” head to the other side of the pavilion. “If everyone cared” they would put their trash in the receptacle you see on your right as you are “welcome to the jungle”. Step over a branch and walk 7 paces into the open area until you pass a cut off trunk. Turn to your right and walk up to the biggest group of trunks and you will “waste time chasing cars” to find, “those three words, [that] are said too much, they’re not enough” on top of where a few of the trunks meet. Please hide again under sea grape leaves when you are done.