Le Vampyre Series - The Good Wife  LbNA # 57037

OwnerMistress V - Le Vampyre    
Placed DateFeb 27 2011
LocationKilleen, Killeen, TX
Found By Mistress V - Le Vampyre
Last Found Jun 29 2015
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Le Vampyre Series - The Good Wife

Le Vampyre Series – The Good Wife


Before the city of Killeen came into existence in 1881, the area was little more than rural farm land that was occupied by remote land owners. There was a railstation nearby that provided transportation to and from the area. One young couple who settled in the area was the Virden’s. They purchased a small farm and wished to start their family. This was not to be their destiny as one fated night changed their lives forever.

A knock came upon their door right after sunset and a young woman presented herself and asked for food and shelter as she had missed her departing train earlier in the afternoon. The young lady was headed West to meet her fiancé. While she was very polite, it was hard to ignore the unearthly beauty of the young lady. Mrs. Virden couldn’t help but feel a bit envious and at the same time envisioned herself as a beautiful lady traveling the wild frontiers. As they prepared for bed, Mrs. Virden commented on how she would love to trade places with her and the young lady just smiled a knowing smile and kissed her on the cheek.

As the wife slept, she felt someone shake her gently awake and the young lady quieted her and directed her to follow her out of the house. As the walked they spoke of many dark secrets and the young lady asked Mrs. Virden if she would like to join her on her journey; a journey of everlasting life and timeless beauty. Mrs. Virden gladly joined the ranks of the Vampyre and as she travels the earth, she is eternally beautiful and young. To those she left behind she is known as the Good Wife.

Mrs. Virden was born mortal on March 6, 1868 and was reborn immortal on April 13th, 1896. She was 28 years old.


Killeen City Cemetery, 2800 East Rancier Avenue, Killeen, TX 76543


Enter the cemetery on the main entrance where the sign is located. On this street, about half way before you reach the cross street, stop and pull over to the right side of the street and park. On the right hand side of the street you will walk into the cemetery 9 rows. You will then see a fenced in grave site. To the left of this grave, you will find L. E. Virden. This is our Vampiress and so you must pay your respects and leave a small offering for her protection on your quest. Note that on her tombstone is the following inscription: “Earth has one less mortal, heaven an angel more”. If you are standing in front of Mrs. Virden’s tombstone (12 o’clock) turn around to 8 o’clock and walk 36 paces to the corner of a rock walled grave that has no marker. Nearby you will see a tombstone that has fallen and the top of which is pointing to the box. You will find the box in a crevice marked with a new stone different than the others.

*** If you are the first finder, Mistress V has left you a Vampyre memento.