Le Vampyre Series - The Storm's Grace  LbNA # 57071 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMistress V - Le Vampyre    
Placed DateFeb 27 2011
LocationBelton, Belton, TX
Last Found Jul 23 2013
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Le Vampyre Series - The Storm's Grace

Le Vampyre Series – The Storm’s Grace


1913 was a year that was phenomenal, many rivers in the state of Texas overflowed their boundaries and caused significant changes in the states waterways. One of those rivers overflowed and inundated the city of Belton. Many lost their lives and out of the storm a baby was born and was the sole survivor of her family during this terrible disaster. Her name was Gracie.

Raised by a neighboring family, little Gracie grew into a highly intelligent and inquisitive young lady. She often did the family’s shopping in the local market place and studied at the local university. On one of her trips into Belton’s marketplace, she noticed an incredibly handsome young man studying her intently. As she shopped he followed nearby, but young Gracie never felt uncomfortable with his scrutiny.

He soon approached her and stated that he was smitten by her and would like to have the honor of courting her. At this she blushed but boldly invited him to visit with her at her adoptive parent’s home that evening. The day went rapidly and soon the handsome stranger was swinging with her on the porch swing and conversing about the many places he had visited in his journeys. They soon strolled out onto the lawn and under the moon’s light the handsome stranger asked Gracie if he could bestow one kiss upon her. The kiss of life immortal.

She gladly succumbed to his charms and now travels at his side as his companion on the journey of immortal life. Always graceful and lovely in her new life, she is known as the Storm’s Grace.


North Belton Cemetery, 1500 North Main Street, Belton, TX


As you enter the main gate of the cemetery take an immediate left. You will see the cemetery maintenance building, park in front of the maintenance building. To your left walk into the cemetery 3 rows. There you will see a Ruff monument. Nearby under the shade of an acorn tree you will find Gracie. This is our Vampiress and so you must pay your respects and leave a small offering for her protection on your quest. If you are standing in front of Gracie’s tombstone (12 o’clock) turn to 11 o’clock and walk until you find a grave with the name of a large Louisiana town. For those of you who are True Blood fans, this is the first name of the cook who works in Merlotte’s Bar. Behind this person’s tombstone you will find a bench. The bench’s back is pointed toward a tree that forks. In this tree fork you will find the box.

*** If you are the first finder, Mistress V has left you a Vampyre memento.