Le Vampyre Series - The Gifted Daughter  LbNA # 57072

OwnerMistress V - Le Vampyre    
Placed DateFeb 27 2011
LocationSalado, Salado, TX
Found By Sandy&Gary
Last Found Feb 6 2016
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Le Vampyre Series - The Gifted Daughter

Le Vampyre Series – The Gifted Daughter


The Village of Salado in the late 1800’s was a fine place to raise a family and to operate a thriving family business. Rosa and James lived a good life, they had 3 daughters and 2 sons and were planning on expanding their family and business. One of their daughters, Tursey was what some called “gifted”. It was rumored that Tursey’s Swedish ancestors had passed this trait onto her. She could foretell future events and seemed to able to will things to happen. Because she always felt different, she was a loner.

She attended the elite “Thomas Arnold School” and often played near the creek where the Chisholm Trail crossed the creek outside of the village. This was one of her favorite pastimes, watching the strangers come and go and imagining life outside of Salado. She had a carefully hidden vantage point where she would often sit and sketch the passers-by.

One day in late November she noticed a young woman walking along the trail. She was immaculately dressed and easily caught Tursey’s attention. As she walked nearer, she stopped and walked into the tree line directly to where Tursey was carefully hidden. As she approached Tursey had a sense of knowing that this young woman was like her and could explain why she was different than others. She knew that this young woman would help her discover the power of her gifts.

The young woman reached Tursey and extended a hand to her. Wordlessly, Tursey took her hand and followed her further into the wooded area beyond the creek. This is where Tursey discovered that she was born Nosferatu, and she joined the young woman on her journey into knowledge and immortal life. She is now a Mistress of a coven in her family’s native Sweden. But in the small village of Salado many knew her as Tursey, the Gifted Daughter!


Take Interstate 35 to Salado, exit and travel along Main Street until you reach Royal Street. Turn onto Royal and proceed to the intersection of Royal and Baines. (Baines House is on the left hand corner). Turn right onto Baines and proceed to the Salado Cemetery on the left hand side of the road.


Enter the cemetery via the main gates. Turn right at the first intersection and proceed to the first street on the right hand side. Turn right and proceed until you see a one sided Cedar tree. Nearby this tree you will find a small square marker with the number 4 on it. As you look at the 4 (12 o’clock) walk straight. You will find a large memorial that has 4 virtues inscribed upon it’s base: Purity, Courage, Faith and Generosity. Continue walking in the 12 o’clock direction for another 30 paces and you will find dear Tursey. This is our Vampiress and so you must pay your respects and leave a small offering for her protection on your quest. If you are standing in front of Tursey’s tombstone (12 o’clock) turn to 5 o’clock and walk towards a set of tall twin tombstones. These are inscribed with the names Davis upon them. Continue to walk in the 5 o’clock direction where you will find a historical marker dedicated to Captain Damron. From here continue at 5 o’clock where you will see a stoned fenced grave area. Proceed to the corner where you will face the graves of Linton and Dr. Kleber Jones. In this corner inside the fence under 3 rocks you will find the box.(Note: there is a warning sign in this cemetery regarding visiting after the dusk, we recommend searching for this box during daylight hours.)

*** If you are the first finder, Mistress V has left you a Vampyre memento.