The Sentinel Ghost of Tehuacana Hills  LbNA # 57080

OwnerGhost of IRA Boxer    
Placed DateMar 1 2011
LocationTehuacana Cemetery, Tehuacana, TX
Found By Bulldogger
Last Found Apr 21 2012
Hike Distance?

He stood in full headdress, a proud and tall chief, on the highest point of land between the sea and the Red River, and he looked down upon the village that bore the name of his tribe: Tehuacana. His people were peaceful farmers and they had been forced from their ancestral home in the great Norheast many generations ago, along with their related tribesmen, the Hueco, the people we now know as the Tawakoni and the Waco. They had made a good life for themselves here but now they were being forced from their land once more, this time by the Cherokee. They had nowhere left to go, for the Comanche were to the west and north and the white settlers were bearing from the south and east. So they chose to stand and die. He felt the tears in his eyes and he told himself it was because of the smoke that drifted up from his burning village, fires set by the enemy to drive them out. He waited for his son, but his wait was in vain. He can be seen there still, some say, waiting for the son who never came. Look upon the Tehuacana Hills and you may see him. Or maybe not. Not everyone does, but if you do, you will remember the old chief, standing sentinel on the hills, waiting.

NOTE: The box was moved slightly and the clues updated on Oct. 1, 2013.

From Mexia, take Highway 171 northeast about 4 ½ miles to the small town of Tehuacana. A sign for Loop 442 and an arrow to the right will lead you there, where the road becomes Main Street. Turn right at College Street and admire the grand building that started life as Trinity University before moving to San Antonio. The bell tower stands nearby waiting for restoration. Read the historical marker if you will, then proceed to the next street, Westminster, where you will turn left. Continue until the road makes a sharp right, but continue straight ahead on LCR 226 over a small hill to the Tehuacana Cemetery. Park and walk through the arched gate and look to your left, past the concrete curb and behind the grave of Lois Edwards to a cedar tree. The box is in a spot between the trunk of the tree and the concrete curb with rocks placed to conceal and protect it. When you leave, you must put the box into place and cover it with the rocks to insure its continued existence.