The Alpine Avalanche  LbNA # 57102

OwnerCold Front    
Placed Date
Location101 East Ave. E., Alpine, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Sep 7 2014
Hike Distance?

The Alpine Avalanche has been delivering local news to Alpinistas (the citizens of Alpine) since 1891.

Visit the Alpine Avalanche at 101 East Ave. E. Park in the lot behind the building. Face the two-story Avalanche building (west) and find a pile of rocks at the left corner. Watch out for the newsboys! They wrap and prep. the papers from these garages every Wednesday night.

After you have found the letterbox visit the Alpine Avalanche office to buy a paper, chat with the newshounds and admire the beautiful mural. This paper comes out every Thursday so the best days to visit are Thursday and Friday after stressful deadlines have passed.