Don't Forget the Cow, the Chicken and the Pig  LbNA # 57140

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateMar 12 2011
LocationHenderson, TX
Found By EWin13
Last Found Oct 11 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 31 2015

Location: City Cemetery (there was not a sign identifing the Cemetery)

In the 1800’s money was hard to come by, and you had to provide for your family, by raising chickens, cows and pigs. These were also used as payment when money was scarce. The inspiration for this box came from a Muriel on the back of a building just off the square in downtown Henderson. It is also a tribute to a Circuit Riding Preacher buried in the City Cemetery, The Reverend William Craig.

To the Muriel:

Make your way to downtown Henderson, head south on South Main, and turn right on West Minden. You will see the parking lot for Citizens National Bank Training Center. Take a minute to look at the Muriel, and take some pictures. When you are ready, head to the Cemetery.

To the Cemetery:
Go back to South Main, turn left and at the light turn left, then right on North Van Buren St. You will see the cemetery on the left at the corner of N. Van Buren and West Fordall. The parking lot is for a business, and you cannot park there week days between 7:30 and 4:30. There is street parking by the courthouse. The gate in this parking lot is your starting

To the box:

As you enter the cemetery look to the left, and you will see the grave marker and historical marker for The Reverend William Craig. He rode his mule Tobe, 300 miles on one circuit in Nacogdoches, He organized the Henderson circuit and also served as chaplain for the Texas Senate. That is dedication!
Facing this marker, turn right and make your way towards the trees, but stopping at the marker for Amos C. Hart. Standing behind the marker face the back of the cemetery, and you will see brick crypts. Go behind the crypts, and you will see black iron fences. In the back left hand corner is Mark Stroud. Standing behind the marker, face the back of the cemetery, and go right about 50 steps to Robert A. Roe. At the left of the marker, is a small water fountain surrounded by hedges a three trees. Facing the fountain, the box is on the right side, under a brick.
Please be careful of snakes and other critters and re-hide well.