The Moon Rose Over An Open Field  LbNA # 57169

Placed DateMar 16 2011
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By Lauralee
Last Found Dec 29 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 29 2015

Note: April 10, 2014: Checked on the box today. Everything is in good shape. (Thanks to all the past finders!) There have been quite a few trees cut down near the path in the area of the white pipe, so you may have to climb over a few or find a clearer way around.

Note: March, 2014. The business referred to in the cipher below is not longer in the area. However, the area is small and the streets named should be enough to get you to the right location.

simply caesar

This area will be rather brushy in the green season, but not to the point of making it impossible to get through. The compass bearings should be useful.

XAFV LZW YJWQZGMFV TMK KLSLAGF GF TAY TWSJ TDNV. GXX JSFYWDAFW. HSKK AL SFV LMJF KGMLZ GFLG TAY TWSJ UL. HSJC SL LZW WFV GX LZW KLJWWL SFV LSCW LZW YJSNWD HSLZ KGMLZ LG LZW TWSJ UJWWC LJSAD. Go east on the trail until you come to a white PVC upright pipe next to the trail on the left before you get to a fenced in area of storage buildings. Go uphill at 360 degrees about 17 paces to another taller PVC pipe. From the second pipe go 75 degrees to a twin-trunked sycamore. (not a very large one) You will find the box at the base of that tree under a small pile of asphalt chunks at the edge of a much bigger heap of chunks. Please be very careful with the top of the small pile. You shouldn't have to remove more than one piece to retrieve this box.

Please contact me if it is missing or if maintenance is needed. Thanks. I welcome comments.