Duck, Duck, Fish!  LbNA # 57189 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerChimney Chasers    
Placed DateMar 18 2011
LocationLaurel Acres Park, Mt Laurel, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Muggled again! Do not attempt this box until I replant and update the clues. Sorry folks :(

This box was replaced on 1-30-12. It should be no problem now! I will prevail over the muggles!

Welcome to beautiful Laurel Acres Park, on Church Street in Mt. Laurel.

Enter the park from Church STREET (not Road) by turning at the light. Park in the first parking lot, if you can.
Once you are parked, take note of all this park has to offer! Multiple playgrounds, bathroom facilities, gazebo area for picnics, a great hill for running up and rolling down, a fenced dog park, walking track and so much more. Don't forget to bring the kid's fishing poles, because this pond is stocked! You aren't supposed to feed the ducks, but if some corn falls off your hook, they will definitely go for it!

Now, let's find that letterbox...
Start by joining all the other walkers on the track that surrounds the pond. Head to the right.
Pass the red, white and blue playground equipment. If you're really lucky and it's a nice, warm day, you may pass the Blue Bunny Ice Cream truck that often parks there!
Notice the memorial plaques in front of almost every tree on your left. Pass the tree that JoJo used to sniff, then pass the tree for Sandra.
Just after you pass the "Parcourse", you will come to a bench on the left. If you pass Jeremy's tree, you've gone to far.
Take a seat on the bench. You will know you are in the right seat because you may see 'Striders' behind you.
As you sit on the bench, enjoy all the lovely ducks. Please don't forget to spare a thought for Those Who Served Our Country in War and Peace as you look over at the Mt. Laurel Veterans' Memorial across the pond.
Now that you've had a moment to reflect, check for MUGGLES (there are so many here!), then reach down with your right hand and feel behind the SECOND screw, on the underside of the bench. You should feel a black, magnetic "Key Hider" box there. Pull hard!

Now that you have it in your hand, slide the lid to the right and you will find what you seek!
Please make sure that you roll the stamp booklet up tight, put the rubber band on it and replace everything in the box just the way you found it, or the lid won't fit on right....
When you put the box back under the right side of the bench, please make sure it is behind the second screw and lined up on the edges, parallel to the slats, so it can't be seen by MUGGLES!

Happy Hunting!
See you on the trails...
The Chimney Chasers