Bluebird Haven  LbNA # 57190

OwnerThe Red Baron    
Placed DateMar 18 2011
LocationFoxfire Village Green, Foxfire Village, NC
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Hike Distance?

From 211 take Hoffman Road to Foxfire Village. Take a right on Richmond Road. Take a left on Shamrock Road. Turn right into Foxfire Village Green.
Find the walking trail at the back of the park. Notice the bluebird houses at the entrance. Take the first left and head down the hill. Cross over the granite culvert. Take a right at the fork. Stay right. Watch for blackberry bushes. Go right up the hill. Notice the bluebird house at the elbow. Watch for bluebird activity. At the top of the hill you might want to rest with Max V. Krebs. After your break, continue on the trail. Do some chin-ups if you wish or continue about 55 more paces. Step-up to the right but look to the left. Our treasure lies under the remains of a fallen giant. Trail continues to the exit.