Theater Owl  LbNA # 57193

Placed DateMar 11 2011
LocationJames River State Park, Gladstone, VA
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Below consists of 2 types of hints. The first is a more ambiguous clue in the form of a poem. The second is a more direct clue in case the poem is too difficult. Enjoy!

Clue Version 1:

A little owl flying high,
Bid adieu to the evening sky.
He flew into an eerie tree,
Near sleeping bones, he let them be.

He nestled in a giant hole,
Within the woods near the end of the knoll.
There he rests without a sound,
Watching the river bending round.

He dreams of theater and the shows he should see,
While remaining unnoticed far away in his tree.
So good luck in finding our feathery friend.
When you solve the riddle, your search will end.

This is in a easy to reach location.

Below is a link to my video that I made explaining how to prepare and plant a letterbox. I used this letterbox as my example.

I suppose you have to just copy and paste it in the address bar since it won't hyperlink. I would really appreciate it if you could scroll below the video and click the "Like" button.


Warning! Below is Clue Version 2. If you wish to keep the search more challenging, do no read any further. If you need an extra hint, continue reading!

Clue Version 2:

In James River State Park in Gladstone, Virginia:

Drive down to the end of Amphitheater Road and park near the restrooms. Walk down past the small grave yard and keep to the left of trail. A little deeper than at the edge of the woods is a tall dead looking tree. Behind it is a gigantic hole (in the tree) where you will find the owl!

The walk to the letterbox location is really no more than a 5 to 10 minute walk away from the restrooms.