The Crab  LbNA # 57227

OwnerGhost Crabs    
Placed DateMar 20 2011
LocationFestival Park, Manteo, NC
Found By danzewme
Last Found Apr 2 2012
Hike Distance?

From beautiful downtown Manteo, drive, bicycle, or walk across the arched bridge into Festival Park. (If you don't know the bridge to Festival Park, ask a local.) Continue straight with the museum on your right and parking lot on your left until you see the Pavillion (blue) sign on the right.
Walk through the gate and enjoy the green grounds, view of the Sound, and the open-air stage. Walk a bit to the right on the paved path until you are standing directly opposite the very center of the stage. Behind you will be the back entrance to the museum. Continue down the path to the right until you come to the fourth light post. Stop. Turn 90 degrees to the right and head into the woods.
Take about twenty (big people) or thirty (little people) steps and you should come to a fallen tree trunk. Look around the tree. Might be pinecones there, might not. The box is buried under (orange) pine needles. Please tuck it back in its spot when you're done. Then, if your timing is good, stick around for a concert or just enjoy picnic on the grass.