The International Traveler  LbNA # 57257

Placed DateMar 22 2011
LocationPalmetto Point Park, Eustis, FL
Found By The Christmas Elves
Last Found May 16 2012
Hike Distance?

The International Traveler letterbox is located in Palmetto Point Park in Eustis! To get to the park you will need to access Hicks Ditch Road off of CR 44. Traveling south on Hicks Ditch Road you will come to a sharp bend where the road becomes Getford Road. Once on Getford Road you will see the park to your left (note the wooden fence). For those who prefer to search out the exact location before heading out or want to plan an alternative route the address is 2145 Getford Road, Eustis, FL.

Once on Getford Road continue east to the end of the wooden fence where you will find a pull off area to park. Enter the park through the pedestrian gate and follow the paved path to the right (north). As the path bends you will notice two palms close together on your left. Soon after there will be a magnolia tree. Counting only the magnolia trees on your left you will need to stop at the third magnolia tree. From the third magnolia tree continue along the path for 10-11 paces, then turn to face the woods (north). Walk to the edge of the pavement and then count 5 paces into the woods. Turn to your left (west) and take an additional 6 paces. Look to your right and you will see a tree and a palm growing near each other. Between the bases of these two trees is the letterbox you seek!

So who's 'The International Traveler'? The facinating migration patterns of the Monarch butterfly have earned it this nickname!

Note: Letterbox contains only the log book and stamp. Please bring your own ink and pen.

When logging your find please feel free to drop me a line using ‘Contact the Placer’ if the conditions to access the letterbox have become overgrown or very wet. It is hard to anticipate how the seasons will affect the letterbox location. Thanks!