OwnerJersey Devil    
Placed DateMar 19 2011
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 26 2011
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Bodine’s Tavern

It was a hot summer night; I believe the year was 1810.

The boys from Martha just got done from a hard day’s work at the furnace. They decided to head down stream to Bodine's Tavern, not to vote, but just to get drunk!

One of the workers was having such a good time he didn't want to leave when the other men were ready to set sail back to Martha.

Later that night near closing time it dawned on him, he had no way back other than to hoof it.

He stumbled out of the tavern and headed toward the road that would lead him back to Martha. He soon came upon a sign which bears the same name associated with the tavern.

Because of his inebriated state, he headed south away from Martha! He went what was about 131 paces, and then he veered off at 100 degrees for 33 paces and came upon a twin tree. From there he went 11 paces at 84 degrees, behind the tree there are some bricks marking the area where he then collapsed!

This box is the second installment of three in the Tavern series.