OwnerJersey Devil    
Placed DateMar 19 2011
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 8 2013
Hike Distance?

Eagle Tavern

It was a Friday night and I wanted to take my wife out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I didn't want to just take her anywhere, so we headed toward the beautiful Eagle Hotel.

They say the barkeep there makes the best drinks in the township. It was a little out of our way but it would be well worth the trip!

We weren't exactly sure how to get there but we knew the general direction. It was starting to get dark but we felt we were getting close. All of sudden my wife tripped on what she thought was a stump. As I was helping her up, I realized it wasn't a stump but a wooden grave marker.

Now I knew for sure we were almost there. This was the grave yard just south of the tavern!

We were drinking and dancing the night away, when all of sudden this man came in the hotel screaming, itís the devil, itís the devil, itís the devil!

The barkeep quickly grabbed his rifle and went to the doorway. He looked startled for a moment but then swiftly lifted his gun and pointed it at 285 degrees and shot what he thought was the Jersey Devil at about 32 paces!

This box is the third installment of three in the Tavern series.