Boiled Peanuts  LbNA # 57291

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateMar 26 2011
LocationRiverview, FL
Found ByNannyCan
Last UpdateJan 1 2013


Last found/checked: 26-MAR-11

Location: Trailhead at the northwest corner of Gibsonton Drive and Hagadorn (.8 miles east of I-75 exit 250 and .5 mile west of Hwy 301). Park along the side of Hagadorn Road.

Terrain: Sandy level trail through a scrub forestland with a view of the Alafia River and salt marsh. Mostly shaded. Portions may be flooded after heavy rains or high river conditions.

Time/Distance: 1-1.5 hours; approximately 1.7 miles roundtrip.

Boiled peanuts are a favorite snack of ours when we visit Florida, especially the Cajun seasoned peanuts. To find this treat yourselves you can stop at one of the many roadside stands. Weve planted a box so you can take a nice little hike to find a memento of this tasty treat.

From the trailhead, head north and then obey the first arrow you come to. Double will direct you again as you following a winding path through scrub palms and mossy oaks.

You will come to a T with a large tree in the path. Choose the path at 340 degrees. Pass a pipe and pass a path on your right, then through a dry gully you go! Cross a wide opening and continue on through root alley. Your next landmark will be a short bridge followed by a viewpoint to gaze out at the river and marsh. Its nice that this bit of land has been saved from development!

After enjoying the view, take the path at 150 degrees. Take the sharp turn at the first post, then another sharp turn. Start slowing down as you look for your treat. Youll find it on the left in a double/triple trunk. The peanuts are stored in the crotch of the tree, hidden behind a palm and some moss. If you pass the next trail post you have gone just a bit too far.

After enjoying the peanuts, please be sure to tuck the box safely and securely back in place, hidden from view, so others may enjoy it.

To finish your hike, continue forward. Take a right at the wide T, then a left at the next post. Youll eventually reach the fork with a post and a tree. Take a right here to return to the trailhead.

We live quite a distance from here, so would really enjoy an email update to let us know how this box is doing. Thanks!