7th @ Colossal  LbNA # 57292

Placed DateMar 26 2011
LocationColossal Cave Mountain Park, Vail, AZ
Found By navywife727
Last Found Sep 7 2013
Hike Distance?

This box was placed in honor of the 7th Annual Tucson Letterboxing Gathering. What a beautiful, warm Arizona day together with good food and pleasant conversation with all who attended.

To find the box: Take I-10 east from Tucson to exit 279 (the Vail/Wentworth exit), turn north, and follow the signs for about 7 miles. There is a fee to enter the park so please check the website for the most current rates and hours. www.colossalcave.com/visit.html.

Once in the park, drive to the El Bosquecito campground/picnic area. You can camp here, enjoy a picnic under the mesquites or just stop in to find the box.

To the box:
Look for the right magnetic fence.