Lions, Tigers and Bears  LbNA # 57304

OwnerChilly Willy    
Placed DateMar 30 2011
LocationPeck Lake/Gomes Ave/ North of Jimmy Graham Boat Ramp, Hobe Sound, FL
Found By Riversol
Last Found Nov 25 2011
Hike Distance?

Peck Lake
Lions Tigers and Bears

Upon entering park, either to your left or your right…….however you get there look for pavilion number 5 there will be two big tooth picks, see if you can find them. Before one enters make sure you have your lions, tigers and bear spray. (Bug spray) Entering the trail on your right, through the gate there is no turning back once you cross the boardwalk. Once you enter the forest one must sing Lions, Tigers and Bears until you reach second boardwalk. Now look down for the hollow tree on your right, its mouth is really wide. Whisper the code name Chilly Willy into the wide mouth. Now look for the ancient Indians. Now if you need to rest, one should, it could be a spooky trail through the forest. As you do some twist and turns now would be a good time to sing to ward off those lions, tigers and bears. Look for a Sign Black Mangrove, if you’ve found it you are on the right path. Wow you should be exiting the forest, once off the boardwalk walk 10 yards, stop, be quite and listen, Very important nobody makes a noise. What do you hear? It is very important that no bears have followed you. If it is safe look for the Sign Saw Palmetto, remember what this tree looks like. Now you can enter the boardwalk with delight, refresh, enjoy the view. Cross the boardwalk, look for steps leading down, stay right, stay right just 10 yards, under the Saw Palmetto Tree. Under palms......... Now to have come so far if you dare to re enter the forest, once you leave the pavilion and travel back, just past you’re your Saw Palmetto Sign at the entrance of the forest to your left, before you enter the boardwalk,,,,,,,,, among three Saw Palmetto’s Trees, There will be one tree the tin man cut down. Now with your second stamp you have plenty of magic to ward of the lions, tigers and bears for your journey home. The End.