JimJim  LbNA # 57305

OwnerChilly Willy    
Placed DateMar 30 2011
LocationJimmy Graham Park/ Public Boat Ramp, Hobe Sound, FL
Found By Riversol
Last Found Nov 28 2011
Hike Distance?

Jimmy Graham Park/Public Boat Ramp

Drive into the park and locate the rest rooms in the circle, park your car, bike, horse, wagon, and even if you came by boat it needs to be parked. In the main circle there is a water hole, enjoy a cool drink before you start your journey by taking 30 yards due east, than look north and you will see a rest area for any of your furry friends…….big red…………now you can enter the trail on your right. Not very far, just a couple click, but a must see. No charge for the view, no charge for fresh air, Look east, see the island ahead, well if you have a boat, canoe, or just want to take a dip………enjoy……(bet you are glad I did not place it on the island)…………and after you’ve taken in the refreshing view go back to yes our big red and look west and you will see a pet waste station, poopy bags now if you need one feel free. Once you get to the station, go west, follow the side walk, stay on the side walk and walk to the side walk ends…………oh how easy……………..cross the green field in a straight line, more to the right………look for two oaks and lonely pine. You might see a hint of a fence behind the trees, don’t worry, no boots require. Stay to your right and look for two big palm trees..go straight follow the fence...Find the fence and where it ends so does your journey among 4 trees ends. The end