lexi's follies  LbNA # 57318

Placed DateMar 30 2011
LocationSt. Lucie Lock Recreation Area, Stuart, FL
Found By Zacatarians
Last Found Oct 15 2012
Hike Distance?

From Kanner Highway turn WEST on Locks Road
Go to the end of Locks Road.
You wil see a sign St. Lucy Lock Recreation Area, turn left
Stay to right as you drive thru the park
At end of park, park on the left (there are only 9 parking spaces available).
Walk down to the turn around and stay to the left.
You will see a gate with red and white stickers on it.
Follow the trail behind the gate until ........

On your left you find a cut clump of trees.
Take 15 steps and look to your right and you will see another thigh high stump covered in needles. Continue on the trail

On your left you will notice a clump of tall pine trees next to a medium size palm tree--- look ahead the end is near.

Continue walking on the trail until on your right you see a broken pine tree with a woodpcker hole close to the top. (Remember this). Continue aways up the trail but not too far. Look for the swamp grass on your left. Spot the trail in the grass. Take 14 steps into the swamp grass trail, look to your right, you will find the stone that is not a stone under a dead palm prawn.

Stamp pads and congratulations!