Fun In the Sun 2  LbNA # 57343 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 29 2011
LocationNassau, Great Stirrup Cay, BHM
Planted Bylookin4moose    
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This box is to honor some of Preboxed's passions: geography and lesser known, off-the-beaten-track places. You can find this box on an island located in the Caribbean portion of the Atlantic Ocean. Although, not a city, this island takes on a very urbanized feeling 4 or 5 times a week when 1000 or more sun worshipers descend upon this 1/4 mile beach area for some Fun in the Sun and total relaxation.

T2R and I just returned from a cruise from NY to the Bahamas on Norwegian Cruise Lines. The 2nd port of call was Great Stirrup Cay (their private island). What an amazing adventure. About 300 feet from the white sandy beach and coconut palms amidst clear 78 degree aqua water stands two coral reefs just waiting to be explored. We donned our rented snorkeling gear and swam off towards this inviting outdoor aquarium. We interacted with thousands of friendly neon-colored fish as they weaved gracefully around equally colorful coral and sea fans. When we were exhausted but content, we settled back in our longue chairs to watch the scenery as it strolled by. The smells of the barbecue buffet and the rhythms of the Calypso band enticed us to discover what else this unspoiled paradise had to offer. We grabbed our letterbox to hide and headed towards the hiking trails, past several folks snoozing in hammocks under shady palm trees. We stopped at a locally owned Straw Market and sipped a cold, refreshing tropical drink. Having Fun in the Sun was the highlight of our entire cruise!

To find your relaxing souvenir: Book a cruise to the Bahamas with NCL, spend the day catching some rays, dance the limbo (we be jammin' Mon) then cool off in the peaceful cove at Great Stirrup. From the beach area, head left to the concrete walkway. You are in the correct place if you can see the ship on your right. Walk a short distance to a quiet beach with some cabanas. Look left and walk toward some downed and standing trees.
One of these trees looks like it has a very large bees' nest in it, but not to worry: no bees here. At the base of the tree at then end of a stone wall under the watchful eye of patrolling guard lizards) under some rocks you’ll find what you seek! Be stealthful, tho, there are sun soaked Gods and Godesses lurking everywhere!