Placed DateApr 2 2011
LocationHOBE SOUND, ??, FL
Found By Southern Shamrock
Last Found Feb 2 2013
Hike Distance?

Little Annie had a beautiful, fluffy golden FANNY.
She just loves to go outside to play.
Her Mama & Papa tried to teach her good manners, But Little Annie, does not want to Stay.
Annie lives with her parents, in Stuart Florida, on the Treasure Coast.
Pirate Treasures and Sun Festivals, but Annie loves to run along the Beach, the most.
Little Annie, with the golden fanny, wants to bury her favorite treasure …… a STAMP.
She heard about one, last week, hidden down by the boat ramp.
Of course, for the humans, it was never supposed to be found.
So, Annie , Mama & Papa, drove south to a little town called “Hobe Sound”.
As she traveled along Highway One, she put her head out of the window, enjoying the Fun.
They past by Osprey Road, then saw the trailers with their big Load.
Soon, she saw a Blue sign for a Bank, with Sun Rays. That’s where Papa, turned to the left.
He made a turn right, into a big parking lot, where the EAGLE TRUCKS rest.
Then, the U.S. Building, now clearly in sight. So, that must be the letters Nest.
Papa parked the car, in front of the tall FLAG POLE.
Annie jumped out, now in plain sight, is her final goal.
From the Flag Pole facing towards the North, She took 30 steps, walking fourth.
Looking right, she saw a clearing in the trees, and took 10 steps , walking with ease.
She followed the trail, just to the right, then past the Cactus plant.
Taking another 10 steps, crushing a leaf, a branch and an ant.
She saw 2 fallen trees, on top of some stag. Between the trunks, where there are no Rocks,
She found the perfect place, to hide her Treasure Box. Under this old fallen Log, open the box to see Annie is a beautiful GOLDEN _ _ G.