Owl's Birthday Boxes  LbNA # 57354

OwnerThe Wildcat 5    
Placed DateMar 1 2011
LocationWinton Woods, Forest Park, OH
Found By JJM
Last Found Jun 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (mostly)
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Child Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Number of Boxes: 5
Hand Carved Stamps: yes
Stamp Pad/Ink: No

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa! Have fun tromping around the woods! We love you and wish you many happy birthdays to come.
Note to finders: This park receives a lot of traffic. Please be discreet and rehide boxes well. Let us know if anything is missing or lost. Happy hunting!
Box 1: Dad, you spent a lot of time teaching all of us how to drive, drive a stick, change tires, etc. To find this box, go to the Kingfisher trail. Face the trailhead sign and take a few steps towards the woods. At the edge of the woods, you will find some logs hiding the first stamp in this series – the profile of my first car! Though I had no idea how to drive a stick, you patiently helped me get it right. Exciting times….

Box 2: Grandpa – thanks for always going camping with us. To find this box, go to the campground parking lot. Head towards the 2nd (far) parking light and find the stone landscape “ruins”. Look carefully underneath!

***Box 3 was washed up in the storms...will replace soon. 5/30/11
(Box 3: Time to fish! Remember the time mom made you climb up the hill and through the woods thinking you could cast a line in all that jungle?? We won’t make you do that again. Go to the Kestrel Point pond and find the bench. Facing the lake, stand in front of the left-hand side of the bench. Take about 3 steps forward 3 to the left (if you are facing the lake) - you will find three rocks hiding this box with a fishing pole stamp.)

Box 4: Grandpa, I know you like music as much as I do. Have a seat on the benches facing the amphitheater/stage. (You know, the one by the big playground and waterpark.) Walk to the back right hand corner of the stage and peek under the deck (right there at the corner). Surprise…notes will “play” when you look inside. Love, the youngest of mom’s three…

Box 5: Owl, you have spent a lot of time teaching me how to build Derby cars and handed down many tools. You have to leave the park entrance and head to the nearby Greenhills municipal building/park. (Yep – the one by the ice cream place!) Between the church and the park, there is a monument to Nick Bates. Behind the bench, search the base of the lone tree in the bushes. Now you have a real excuse to go get some ice cream. Enjoy!