Little Annie's Secret Treasure Box  LbNA # 57375

Placed DateApr 4 2011
LocationHobe Sound, WEST, HOBE SOUND, FL
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From Stuart, Florida, follow Kanner Highway (76), to the West, as your journey, will begin.
Take a left, on Pratt & Whitney road, around the corner you will see, a South Fork, and a Cattle Pen.
Continue driving over the Bridge, exactly 4 miles, passing the burned pines along the way.
You will see a white shell driveway, and a small pavilion, on the East, turn in for a stay.
Now, park near the pavilion, and You will see, a blue sign from Martin County, they paid with glee.
Standing next to the wooden fence, walk 15 paces, just past the wooden shelter.
Follow the pathway, into the old Florida Forest, today, the sun is a real swelter.
You may notice hoof prints, in the dirt. Don’t worry; it’s only a Wild Boar Hog,
Continue walking (or running), along the pathway, keeping up with your Dog.
You may see Horse Shoe prints where the path begun. Just walk around all the Horsey DUNG.
Soon you will see a fallen PineTree. No, that’s not it, keep going, don’t you agree .
A little further, down the path, You will see a grassy clearing , do not fail.
Look up, in the Pine trees. See the RED Marker showing the way, for Horsemen, who ride this trail.
Straight ahead, walk towards the 4 wheel path, watch out for GATORS, with an open mouth.
By the time you reach the ditch, You must be facing South.
See the old pine tree, with vines growing all over , Just below is the secret Palmetto Bush.
Now, bend down, skyward with your tush.
Whisper “ANNIE’S Treasure OH ME, OH WOW”, “ ANNIE’S Treasure, I have found you NOW”.
Under the secret Palmetto bush, where there are no Rocks.
There you will find, Annie’s Secret Treasure Box.
Stamp it, sign it…… then hide it again. So, other adventures in the Old Florida Forest, can begin, again.