Industrial Safari  LbNA # 57379

Placed DateApr 5 2011
CountySan Bernardino
LocationOntario, CA
Found Byi dig toasters
Last UpdateApr 24 2014

Inland Empire Series: Ontario
Alive and well as of 10/23/13

Recently, Buffalo Tony gave me a box full of his unused letterboxing supplies, including containers, logbooks and even a few stamps he carved with no specific purpose. This is the first of a handful of boxes I'll end up planting with his contributions. The logbook works for this location, and I decided that this stamp can represent the stealth you need to use when hunting around a fence on the edge of an industrial business park.

Where is this industrial business park of which I speak? Start at the intersection of two streets in Ontario. The first shares its name with a type of farm used for growing grapes for wine, and the second shares its name with a farmer that Nirvana dedicated a song to on their "In Utero" album.

At this intersection you'll find the heads of two animals, one on the left and one on the right. In the rest of the clues, rather than left or right, I'll use the names of these animals instead. From the intersection, drive in the direction that MOST of the animals on the building are heading.

At the first street you come to (not a parking lot entrance) turn buffalo. At the next street, turn buffalo. Loop around Shawu and drive back out. Head straight across and loop around the golden trio. Back at the intersection, turn rhinoceros. At the end of the street turn rhinoceros. Park somewhere near the red square.

Standing with your back to the red square, turn rhinoceros and walk to the sign, then turn buffalo and walk to the third fence post. The camo box is at the base covered by a chunk of concrete and a rock.

When you finish, make sure the logbook and stamp are each in a bag, and both bags are placed in the larger bag.