Ancient Greece: Silver Didrachm  LbNA # 57389

Placed DateJun 26 2010
LocationJubilee College State Park, Brimfield, IL
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Permanent box - between Kickapoo & Brimfield

Much like Wrigley Field, goats aren't allow at Jubilee College State Park (I wonder if they have a goat curse
here too!). Anyway, we decided to sneak in a goat just for GLG 2010.

Consult a map either online or at the park. Start at the 4 way intersection of ski hill/grassy lane/upper culvert. There is a 3 sided
kiosk there. From the Illinois Insects information board, head down the ski slope. The path turns
into a black diamond (heads down hill). Once you hit the bottom of the slope, look over your
right shoulder. There you stand, at the base of the CHUTE trail, be very quiet, you don't
want the grounds men to know about this guy!! You will need to be sure-footed as a goat to
make it up this path; it's quite muddy and slippery! Head up hill, once near the crest of the
hill there are some root clusters sticking out on the left side of the path. Then the path
curves to the right, off to the left you will see a bald tree -- just beyond the bald tree is a
large fallen tree with a curve in it (like an elongated U) , this goat has made his home on the
right side of the "U" just under the log.