EGGcellent! : 1st letterbox of Eaton, OH  LbNA # 57395

Placed DateApr 8 2011
LocationFort Saint Clair Park, Eaton, OH
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In honor of Easter my best friend and I planted this letterbox. This is our 2nd letterbox plant. The other is in Maggie Valley, NC; "Summertime In The Mountains". You may need to bring your own stamp pad just in case the ink runs out in ours. Also, make sure to re-cover the box well!

To get to this letterbox you must first find Hillcrest Dr. in Eaton, OH

On Hillcrest Dr. you will turn into Fort Saint Clair Park.

Look to the right as you start driving into Fort St. Clair.

You will see a statue in the distance dedicated to WM H. Ortt.

Drive slowly until you see the sign "Battlefield" on the left.

Park on the right side of the street across from the sign.

Walk over to green bushy pine tree.

Walk to wooden utility box behind the tree.

Face towards the line of trees.

Walk straight 50 steps.

Once at the tree line you will see a group of stumps.

Look past those stumps and walk 15 steps into the woods to 2nd tree stump on ground.

There you will find EGGCELLENT!

Happy Hunting!
~StellaBlue & Reddie ;)