Heart Quest II  LbNA # 57399

OwnerTimm-ber Trail    
Placed DateApr 9 2011
LocationSandy, OR
Found By Calli-K
Last Found May 13 2012
Hike Distance?

Heart Quest II Letterbox

The forest where this letterbox hides is the site for two runs in the Sandy area. Run Girlfriend Run supports the American Heart Association (every May), and Noah’s Quest (www.noahsquest.org) supports those who have lost a child, or the hope of a child, (every June).

Watch out for runners in the area. As I was planting this letterbox, we “ran” into quite a few. I could hear the community cheering on those who were giving their heart some exercise from the host school nearby.

Drive into Sandy, OR on the main artery toward Mt. Hood.
Turn left off of 26 into the Mt. Hood Athletic Club parking lot, where the people of Sandy get their hearts pumping.
Park at the lower SE ventricle of the lot.
You’ll see some boulders leading you into the forest.
Follow the artery to the left and head downhill keeping on the artery parallel to the gym.
Cross the wood bridge
Stay left on the narrower vein where it splits.
Take an immediate right onto the smaller capillary.
Continue on around the bend.
Relax to stretch or take your pulse on one of the 3 benches.
Continue on down the capillary and pass a large stump.
Cross the main artery again.
Turn right and head towards “Darren’s Bridge”.
Cross the bridge and grab a seat on the bench to look at the pond.
While facing the pond look to 8:00.
Past a 3 fingered tree in the clump of trees near the bank of the stream you will find the letterbox tucked away and covered by some leaves.

Please return the letterbox and its bagged contents so others can enjoy the search.