How High Can You Go  LbNA # 57400

Placed DateApr 8 2011
LocationLewis & Clark State Park, Troutdale, OR
Found By Double Tree
Last Found Nov 20 2011
Hike Distance?

In the very northeast corner of the park you will find a path that travels gradually up the northern edge of Broughton's Bluff, running roughly parallel to some railroad tracks and Highway 84 beyond them. Standard warnings about mosquitos, stinging nettles, poison oak, etc. do apply (this is the Pacific Northwest, after all!). Despite its proximity to the roar of the highway, this is one of my favorite paths near my home for its beauty and because it encourages a hiking style I like to call 'billy goating'. You will cross over and under large fallen trees blocking the path, will have to watch your footing scrambling over small rockslides, will squeeze past large boulders and scramble over tree root stepladders. At certain times of the year if the foliage isn't yet too thick, you will look out over the Sandy River Delta and eventually catch a small glimpse of the Columbia River as well. In the late summer, when the foliage is at its thickest, you may feel you're in a neverending tunnel of green as the forest growth walls you in on both sides of this narrow path. It's a great little escape when you only have an hour or two and don't want to commit to the all day treks on the trails further out in the Gorge.

You'll know you're getting close to the box when you cross over two water runoffs intersecting the trail and at each one, the path briefly changes shape. At the first, the path is shaped like a large "U", at the second, like a small "V". Not long after this, you will encounter a sharp right fork that leads uphill, immediately before the main path starts to curve to the left and leads significantly downward. Take this right path and just a short ways uphill, you will encounter two large fallen trees crossing each other at a right angle. One parallels your path, the other blocks it. Walk up to the tree blocking the trail, but don't step over it. Approximately 4 feet to the left of the trail, with the tree itself protecting it from gravity, you will find the letterbox under a pile of rocks.

PLEASE rehide carefully! This box is very close to the trail and could be easily spotted if not well hidden.

Also, if you head back out to the main park grounds and wander off on any other trails, keep yours eyes peeled for a Banana Slug or Two!