Hopping to it  LbNA # 57504

Placed DateApr 18 2011
CountyBlack Hawk
LocationCedar Falls, Cedar Falls, IA
Found By 2BinkieBearsNMe
Last Found Jun 12 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 29 2015

Hop to It Clues:

From Hudson Road, you will turn west into the Continental Heights subdivision (subdivision on the west side of Hudson Road located between University and Greenhill). Turn west onto Continental Access, then turn right onto Sterling and then left back onto Continental Drive. Continue on Continental Drive until you reach the dead end. Park there.

Take the grassy path in front of you. You will stay straight and the grassy path narrows to more of a trail. At the first intersection, you will continue straight on the trail and pass through tall grasses and growth. You will see a big rock on your left along the fence line. You are on the right track.

Now on your right, you will see a dam under which Dry Run Creek runs. You will go down in the ditch and climb the hill in front of you. Do not step on the dam, but go left once on top of the hill and you are traveling on a dirt road or path. You will notice a pond off to your right. In front of you is an outcropping of dirt. Continue straight on the dirt road or path and go on by the outcropping of dirt or land. Keep your sights straight ahead and head towards the electrical lines. Head towards the electrical pole straight in front of you. Once you get to the pole, notice a thicket of bushes off to the left of it. Under that thicket of bushes is a rock pile, and it is there that you will find what you seek.

Please provide updates as to the status of the box. Hope you enjoyed it.