Cane Creek  LbNA # 57590

Placed DateApr 25 2011
LocationCookeville, TN
Found By riverkat
Last Found Jul 13 2011
Hike Distance?

While you’re in Cookeville, take a drive on C.C. Camp Road. If you do, stop by Cane Creek Park and feed the ducks. Since you’re at Cane Creek Park, you can look for a letterbox there.

When you enter the park, stop at the first playground area to your left (you can park your car there), sit at the picnic table below the playground equipment facing the lake. If you look to your left there will be a hollowed out tree stump (slightly in the woods) and you can find your treasure there. Good luck!

Please be discreet and return the letterbox as you found it (making sure it is covered with leaves). Make extra sure the lid is closed (there will be a ‘snap’ sound when it is sealed). Thank you and have fun.