The Rabbit Hole  LbNA # 57595

Ownerthe wht rabbit    
Placed DateApr 22 2001
LocationKemp, texas, TX
Found By Elwood Fan
Last Found Sep 28 2013
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The Rabbit Hole

The Ware Cemetery has a rich history as stated on the arch when you arrive it was established in 1881, it to shares Civil War History like the Kemp Cemetery.There is a CSA Vet. buried there that served with the Confederate 37th Alabama Volenteer Infantry Regiment a unit largely forgotten by history. This group of men served in nearly every campaine that took place in the Civil War. Even though my box isn't dedicated to those that served in the Civil War I thought it was an interesting piece of information.
If you are Traveling from 175 from Kaufman you exit Kemp take a right at the Harveys Exxon an go towards town you will go through a light keep going as you will pass the new Kemp High school on your left this rd. is hwy 274 keep going like your headed towards Seven Points you will pass the Kings Creek golf course continue on South about 4 miles you will also pass some apt. called the Hamlins on you right .Next you will see a feed store on your left it is called the Tolosa Feed Store an a small mortgage company on your right you turn there you will be going West on FM 3396 go about 1 mile right pass the Clarks arena is the Ware Cemetery.

To the Box When you arrive at the Ware Cemetery you park out front. When you get to the front you will enter in a little gate to the cemetery. There will be a pea gravel path take that down till you come to a Large Tree just to the right. Once you get to the tree turn to your right. you should take 10 steps that will lead you to 2 very old grave markers then take another 11 steps till you end up infront of a very large Crapp Myrtel. turn to your left and you will see the back of a larger head stone that says Stevens on it, just pass that marker on the your right is a marker covered with a bush an small iris leaves walk around to the front of the stone an the box is there just in front under the foilage,plez be sure t recover