Three of Hearts  LbNA # 5768

Placed DateJun 25 2003
LocationWest Hartford, CT
Planted ByMDMT    
Found By Trailhead Tessie
Last Found Sep 2 2012
Hike Distance?

***Update 11/12/2007 - I just found out that the box "The Third Heart" was a replacement for my third box in this series. Thanks to Rubaduc, my letterboxes' caretaker, you can still enjoy this series. I've incorporated the changes to the third one. ***

The long awaited sequel to the Trees of Three. I love the place so much that I planted some more. I clarified the directions a little bit more on 5/1/04

3 of Hearts

You must first find all the Trees of Three before finding these boxes. Refer back to those directions for some of these clues, including the specific words in the trees of three's clues. (Especially the words in quotation marks)

1. Go back to the first “difficult spot”, and instead of walking away from the fallen tree, walk up towards its origin and look on the left side.

2. Go back to where the "narrow land bridge" lets you out until you hit the asphalt main path, make a left and walk a little ways on that path until you see a tree of 3 on your right next to 2 trees making an “X”. Walk in between the X tree and walk 20 paces (1 pace=2steps) into the woods to a big tree surrounded by boulders. You will be in between 2 embankments. At the tree's base, look left at the small hill/embankment with 3 trees growing out from them. Climb up the embankment and look under the roots of the tree on the right.

******Here are the instructions for the replacement 3rd letterbox courtesy of Rubaduc - make sure you give her mad props in the book when you stamp it.******

3. ***Get back on the path from where you left it (to go into the woods for the second heart), but go left and head back about 3/4 mile until you’re about to cross the bridge with stone pillars and logs for railings. Instead of crossing the bridge take the wide grassy path to the left, following it into the woods. Just after you enter the woods look left up the incline to a large fallen tree still resting a bit of itself on the stump. Look under the tree near the stump.
Replace carefully hidden to keep it safe.***

These directions aren’t precise, I know. I’m going to go check on them soon and I’ll get the more complete directions. Stay tuned. Also, I really wanted this to be the type of continuation where you find the last box of the Trees of Three and it gives directions to the next one and that one sends you to the next and the next one to the final one. But I never got a chance to do it. But soon these directions will disappear and you will have to find the 3 of hearts the legitimate way. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Now get out there and letterbox! Oh yeah.


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