Paris (not France)  LbNA # 57684

OwnerThe Parisians    
Placed DateMay 1 2011
LocationParis Consolidated School, Paris, Kenosha, WI
Found By speech teacher
Last Found Oct 13 2013
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Paris (not France) Letterbox
Hi, we are the Parisians. This letterbox contains four puzzles, labeled as (#), to add some fun to the searching. This is our first letterbox (skill level of 2/5) so we hope you enjoy!

NOTE TO LETTERBOXERS: School does not end until June of 2012. Until then, please do not come during school hours (8:30 AM-4:00 PM). There are also after school activities, such as track practice and basketball practice, so it is not recommended to try and find this letterbox on weekdays until school is over at the end of the year. Weekends are okay, though. Sorry for any inconveniences, and happy letterboxing!

HELPFUL HINT: You will need a compass so you can tell the directions you have to face.

This letterbox is located at Paris Consolidated School (1901-176th avenue Kenosha Wisconsin 53144)

Step 1
From door I {north end of school}, walk to the tree dedicated to (1) DUJY RELKOFS.
Step 2
Find the nearest (2) cage that does not hold things and walk to it.
Step 3
Find a white candy cane and walk to it. [HINT: In grass]
Step 4
From the candy cane shaped object, walk to the farthest west red pole/post on a (3) court for an olympic sport.
Step 5
From the pole/post, take 47 steps South.
Step 6
From 3 large blue objects, take 13 steps South.
Step 7
Facing North, number each football goal with a number 1-4 while going clockwise with the numbers. [HINT: starting from 1]
Step 8
Walk to goalpost (4) 6x6/12. [HINT: 6 times 6, then divided by 12]
Step 9
From the farthest East pole/post take 35 steps East to woods. {you will end up in the woods not just next to them!}
Step 10
Look under a pile of rocks for the letterbox.

Sign in the logbook-we have a stamp now!

Our class has graduated from this school, so we will no longer be able to check up on the box's condition on a regular basis. If you find the box damaged or missing we apologise!

Thank you for checking out our box!!
-The Parisians