BY Park - Den 4 boys  LbNA # 57697

OwnerPack 201 Den 4    
Placed DateApr 28 2011
LocationTrafford, PA
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Last EditedNov 21 2015

We are from Den 4 of Pack 201. Our box is located in the BY Park. The BY Park is located along Route 130 heading into Trafford, PA.
Start by going into the main entrance of the park. Park and head down into the park.
First you need to meet Dr Jackson S Pogue face to face.
From there walk South to the umbrella tree.
Head left to the rectangle rock and green box.
Find some bring brown wood and walk 11 up an incline.
You'll make your turn quickly where the paths cross.
Head southeast up a small hill.
On the left you'll see a tree with no top.
You will find your treasure at the base of that tree, hidden among fallen logs, bark, and leaves.
Stamp our book and leave a note, and carefully hide our book again.
Thanks for adventuring with us!
Den 4 boys