Iconic Courage  LbNA # 57731 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 6 2011
CountyLewis and Clark
LocationHelena, MT
Found By Chelle & Chickadee '11
Last Found May 27 2011
Hike Distance?

This iconic Helena area landmark was built over 100 years ago, boasts 2 steeples, a bell tower, and is "Neo-gothic" in its arcitecture. Do you know where to start your hunt? Once there, ascend the staircase from the west until you stand below a large "flower window" and have all 12 eyes looking at you. Behind the feet of the one, who was born in eastern France, and was guided by God to restore France from English rule...this Saint was courageous until the end...that end being the end of a burning stake at the age of 19. There you will find the letterbox (tucked in the little crack directly behind the stone square that the name is engraved on)you seek, and hopefully the same resolve and courage of the one who holds it.

Happy Letterboxing, and please e-mail me if you find it, or have questions! Thanks, Friends.
*note* the stamp is hand made, and I was informed that it has deteriorated a bit, though usable, please be gentle:) thanks.*

**UPDATE JULY 4TH 2012*** This box is missing, we are working on replacement, thanks for your patience,GET OUT THERE AND BOX!!