Northdale Letterbox  LbNA # 57733

Placed DateMay 6 2011
LocationNorthdale Lake Park Trail, Tampa, FL
Found ByHappyFeet......
Last UpdateOct 8 2014


You'll find this letterbox on the Northdale Lake Park Trail.

You can park at the trailhead at 5100 Northdale Blvd. From there, follow the trail in western direction along the power lines. Go to the end of the paved trail which will turn into a smaller concrete trail that takes you a little off to the left and goes past a green metal bench. Now, you should arrive at a boardwalk. You'll find a small plastic container under the boardwalk behind the second post. You kinda have to reach under and around.

Have fun!

This is a Geocache/Letterbox hybrid. There is a logbook for letterboxers, a small ink pad and a mini pink colored stamp. There is a seperate logbook for geocachers. You can find the geocache description by clicking on the link.