Crow in the Rocks  LbNA # 57746

OwnerDark Raven    
Placed DateApr 25 2011
LocationWantage, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Nov 12 2011
Hike Distance?

Go up Route 23 to the High Point State Park in Northern Sussex County. Go past the Gate House on your left, then through the pay station and turn right on Scenic Drive. Go for about 0.4 miles and you'll see a turn off to your right. Right by the turn off area you'll see a natural rocky path, not made by man(if you cannot see the rocky path, look around, not by the road). Follow the giant rocks that make a natural path. Go untill you get to a rocky perch and admire the view, a vast area of woods. Get off the perch and walk about 5 paces toward a propped rock. The propped rock is VERY large and looks somewhat unnatural! Look under the large propped rock and you will see two smaller rocks that are propping the larger rock. Look behind one of the two base stones and you will find the stamp in a plastic bag. WARNING!!!: do not put your hand under the base stone, small creature could be hiding under it, use a stick or long pole to check first! Stamp any of your stamps in my book and take mine and stamp it in your book! Once you have done this, you have now completed "Crow Under the Rock" stamp search. Please seal the bag tightly and put it back under the exact place you found it, not too far under the rock.